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At Eveready Development LLC, Consulting, Real Estate Development, and Construction Project Management are our only business, meaning that 100% of our resources are focused on our Client's and the Projectís best interest. Drawing from decades of experience, we strive to find ways of adding value to each project while closely monitoring time and budget constraints.
Our uniqueness is our  years of experience  which allow us to approach projects and challenges with innovative and creative solutions that best meet the situation.
Our core beliefs and philosophies are:
Our reputation is built on providing quality construction services on time and within budget, and is the
foundation that has secured long-lasting professional relationships with clients, architects, consultants,
engineers, and subcontractors. Many of these relationships go back twenty five (25) years or more.

We manage the many aspects of construction, from pre-design / pre-construction to field management and construction monitoring, to move-in, and Final Close Out.
• Meeting and exceeding our client's expectations.
Serving as our client's representative and protecting their interests and investments.
• Delivering quality projects on time and within budget.
Striving to be our client's premier choice.
Using our strength and diversity to serve the community and contribute to the       industry.
Forever looking to expand our boundaries and break into new territories.  
Construction Management, Real Estate Development, Consulting.